Best Games Like That’s Not My Neighbor

Because of the Gaining popularity of That’s Not My Neighbor game, Players are now interested in it’s alternatives and searching for other games which got similar vibe as That’s not my neighbor if you are also one of them then you have come to the right place because to I am going to share some of the best alternatives to That’s Not My Neighbor APK which you can download on your android smartphone and enjoy playing.

“That’s Not My Neighbor” is a game that’s been getting a lot of attention on mobile. People are really into it, and now they’re curious about other games that give the same kind of excitement. If you have already played too much of That’s Not My Neighbor and don’t get similar excitement then you should take a break from this game for few days and try the alternatives that way you can go back playing that’s not my neighbor after few days and you will have that similar excitement again. Also have a look at That’s Not My Neighbor Game For PC Download

Games Like That’s Not My Neighbor

What Is That’s Not My Neighbor Game?

That’s not my neighbor APK is a game where you step into the shoes of doorperson stationed at the entrance of an horror apartment building. Your task in each round is to keenly observe the residents’ appearances, you have to see who belongs and who doesn’t you have to prevent any invader from entering the house. That’s Not My Neighbor Apk has gained lots of attention in the mobile gaming community because of its distinctive gameplay and captivating features. Setting itself apart from numerous other horror games which are available on android.

That’s not my neighbor is also famous for it’s being an ad-free game this way your gameplay is smooth without any interruption. Currently the developer makes money by selling this game for 3 USD which is not much considering its amazing features.

Best Alternatives To That’s Not My Neighbor

#1) The Man from the Window 2

The Man from the Window is a free role-playing game from Zed Technician. In this survival horror game, you get to experience reliving a childhood horror that haunted most kids—only this one doesn’t stop at being a children’s story. This game is also available to purchase on

#2) Among Us

The game is based around a multiplayer level where a minimum of 4 real players can join. You can play with your friends or you shuffle through strangers online. With each game one to two imposters are allotted whose main purpose is to eliminate rest of the players without getting caught.

#3) Pumpkin Panic

Pumpkin Panic is a charming farming game that’s free to play, It sends you you in a peaceful countryside atmosphere. You’ll be busy growing crops, taking care of plants, and enjoying a spot of fishing. But  there’s a spooky surprise waiting for you in this otherwise tranquil farm life: a creepy clown hiding in the shadows. You should download this game and discover its horror today.

#4) Buckshot Roulette

Buckshot Game gives you a new twist to the dangerous game of Russian Roulette for Android. In this game, players use a shotgun instead of a traditional gun. This change makes the game more interesting. You play in an underground club with an AI dealer guiding the game. developed and published by Mike Klubnika on It was released on Steam by Critical Reflex on April 4, 2024, to coincide with a new update.

#5) Unlikely – The Clown Game

If you like That’s not my neighbor then you should definitely check out Unlikely, Because this game is developed by the same man Nacho Sama who developed That’s Not my neighbor. This game challenges players to explore distorted realities, encounter bizarre beings, and navigate trials that defy logic. With its dazzling visuals, captivating soundtrack, and inventive gameplay mechanisms


If you have been playing That’s not my neighbor and now craving something new then you should check these games out. There’s a plethora of alternatives out there ready to provide you with similar thrills and excitement. Whether you’re intrigued by the sinister mysteries of “The Man from the Window 2,” the deceptive intrigue of “Among Us,” the eerie charm of “Pumpkin Panic,” the adrenaline rush of “Buckshot Roulette,” or the surreal adventures of “Unlikely – The Clown Game,” there’s something for everyone.

If you know any better game which should be on this list then do not forget to comment it below we will update this list asap with your recommendation. Do not forget to share this article with your friends who would love to play these games.

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